Alpha – The (re)Beginning

Well here it is, the start (re-start) of I’ve got my bio here (about me), I’ve got the progress (as a way of keeping track of different goals/milestones/achievements, I’ll have a section for accountability of what I’ve eaten, and this will be the main page of the general blog.

As it stands, I’m 5 days into Induction on an Atkins/South Beach based diet. I list both because Induction is the same for both, but due to being hospitalized twice after periods of rapid weight loss on Atkins (for lymphedema/cellulitis) I’m going to be working on the South Beach plan (glycemix index based) and trying to slow the initial rapid weight loss.

(Crazy right? Why would you want to slow down the weight loss? Well, when you go from 450 to 405 in a month and a week and then you wind up in the hospital for 7 days/not able to work next 14, you tend to drag your heels getting back on the health wagon. Plus it kills me financially!!)

I’ve had many failures, more than I can count. Some friends have lost all their faith in me, some are no longer friends because they didnt want to see my self destruction. The last 10 years has been tough. One successful attempt at losing 80 lbs in 2003 has turned into horrible yo-yo’ing for the next 7, unable to replicate the original success.

But I’m feeling good about this. I’ve motivated, yet cautious (taking it a day at a time as any addict will do), I’ve got aspirations of what I can do when I lose a lot of this, and I’ve got things to go, places to go, and a particular woman or two to ask out ;-) !

So wish me luck. Feel free to read, comment, share, extrapolate. Tell your friends, maybe more readers will hold me more accountable.

Journey began : January 1st, 2011

Initial Weight : 475

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9 Responses to Alpha – The (re)Beginning

  1. Michael Brown says:

    No faith lost. You are genuine and I am looking forward to keeping up with your progress. One step at a time.

    Good Luck ole’ mate…!!!

  2. Keny Smith says:


  3. *very good post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  4. derek smith says:

    Good luck dude. Don’t you just set yourself up for failure with this whole thing. Make it happen for real. If you don’t follow through with it, then you will have lied to yourself and everyone who got their hopes up for you. I’m holding you accountable so don’t fail.

  5. I think that after 10 years of ups and downs a little loss of faith in yourself should be expected. The fact that you are willing to be so up front and open about this now (not that you havent been I just mean, in a new and almost more dedicated forum) is proof for me that I have been right keeping faith in you for so many years. Because I too have battled nothing but health problems for the last decade and I too lost many friends who think “oh shes milking it” or “god whats wrong with her now” to the point that I asked myself the same questions. The simple answer is, not everyone has equal health and not everyone is lucky with weight. But everyone has the chance to do something about it. So I have done, and now you too are publicising your own battles no matter the outcome. Therefore I shall say I have not had a time in which I wondered if you could do what you wanted. I have only ever wondered if your health would allow you the chance, because frankly, mine rarely does. This is a long confusing and frankly rambling message. But the sum total is this: I’m still with you! And I wish you nothing but the best. So if my occaisional rambling nonsense comments can bring some form of reminder that you deserve to reach your goal, and that you can, then so be it! The gauntlet has been laid and my comments shall follow at random intervals!

  6. kyle cassidy says:

    You’re an exceptional and interesting person, Carl. I’ve long admired your empathy and creativity. I’m looking forward to your improved health and happiness. You deserve it. I recommend some “before” photos so you can celebrate progress along the way.

    Small, attainable goals, and always motion towards.

    Good luck my friend.

  7. amy t. says:

    You can do it, Carl! And I’m adding your blog to my RSS reader, so I’ll be watching! :)

  8. Topha Fett says:

    You can do it, Carlito! we’re right here with ya.

  9. Lindsey says:

    Go Carl Go!!

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